Until That Day Comes

5:00 AM Five more minutes ... 5:15 AM  Ah man, Sleep runs from me I run towards reality Brush my hair, put on my clothes Grab my bags, I'm out the door Pull up at school Long walk ahead Maybe I'll just turn around instead But I can't, too many people counting on me Off to the compound, grab my rifle  Time to lead my team of 30 people Oh, it's already 7:00 AM? Round it up, we have to go 7 hours until 2:20  Can it come sooner?  Class after class I dread them all But the light at the end of the tunnel Is brighter than the dim of the day May 25th, the real adventure begins  Dreams of being an OB/GYN Dealing with a mother and child  Enlightens my soul  Which is my finest goal But until that day  I'm back to sitting in classes Waiting until May  

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