You let a chair fall sideways, and you let a rope do you wrong. A basket filled with gratitude is now a basket filled with garbage. The shatterable, and underdeveloped girl could not believe what she had heard in the car ride home. She chose not to believe that strangers come, and go. She was infatuated with that smile, the one that caused you wrinkles when you laughed. You spared her her shyness when you both shook hands. She didn't know you'd be the stranger to prove to her that people can come, and go. She heard you say you wouldn't let the secret slip, and now she thinks the reason you have left was to keep the secret buried deep inside your head, and beneath the ground where you reside. Now she worries with her eyebrows furrowed, causing her to look just like your mother. Who could've been the culprit to your news? She had a dream that night. She saw your smile come undone. You taught her a lesson. Why wasn't this expected? This couldv'e been prevented. You left right after you were done.

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Our world


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