You see, When I take a moment and look back. Back at all the moments in my past, I see all the dreams I've left behind. All the scenes I left unseen and I think, I think "where did the time go?" When I close my eyes  and listen, Just listen to your voice. I see all your regrets painted in the lines. The future you could've had, The ambitions you could've made. The family, you could've created. And I find myself wondering why it didn't last? Maybe I wasn't the thing you needed forever, But a thing you needed to turn back. A thing you needed to overcome to return to the past. Maybe I wasn't strong enough to give you that hope, Or maybe there was just a piece of you I never have to myself. Maybe it was in the way I carried myself or the lack thereof, Maybe it was in the stinging in my heart I feel when you smile at the idea of her. Maybe it was the hope you have to bring her, Maybe it was in my fear you'd chose her over me. Maybe it was in my fear of being alone, Maybe it was in my pain of seeing you happier with her than with me. Maybe it was in my selfish wish that you never even spoke her name, Maybe it was in myself seeing images of you together as you should be. Maybe it was in the thought of your arms around her like I wish they were with me, Maybe I was just scared to lose you. Maybe it was me. Maybe it was you. Maybe it was the sun. Maybe it was the moon. Maybe it was the times Maybe it was all in my mind. But now that I know, That those moments are gone. It's time to grow up, It's time to move on.

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