Drugs, Faith, Healing

When you start off young you see yourself
an astronaut among the stars
or driving in all the fancy cars. 
You never know what mess you’ll get in
before then.

And when you do it’ll be too late you found yourself
addicted to the drugs and you have no more faith.
Grew up watching the fighting that you could no longer take,
from the alcoholic substance that flows within the people you love most.
Making their minds a mere absence of who they really are.

And now that you’re older you watch your friends suffer.
See them shake and throw up,
Watch them hide in fear and all their lives come undone.
The knife that is held to their neck for the stolen meth,
That’s hidden in their pocket,
but little did they know the dealer already saw it.

The lies that are just stories become their reality because they can’t tell the difference.
Spending every penny they have on the drug business,
Picking up cigarettes off of the sidewalks with almost no tobacco in them.
Still lighting them up and smoking them because they don’t care about the witnesses.

Now let me ask you, is this what you saw in your vision?
Having to overcome all of this?
It’s not the vision in which you saw.
But now you know where you belong.
You fight for school and the life you have.
Knowing each day is time in a gift box left for you to unwrap.

Now you change what you thought of the American Dream.
Knowing the rehabs in which you once feared are now where you want to be.
Helping and saving the lives that have been sanctioned off into another universe.
Drugs are only a compound of chemicals you can learn in chemistry.
Even if one dealer is shut down, that’s one less able to disperse.
You find no more jokes you've lost all of the humor and you just want part of the industry.

Drug counseling now that sounds more appealing,
Expose the lives that we've all be concealing.
You’ll work hard now to make a difference.
You’ll work hard now go fight the resistance.


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