Changing a Classroom


Being trapped inside a small cage

Not being able to give in an opionon

But be slaved to listen to the long unbarebly whispers

I hear, but do not speak

Because when I do

They feel me as a burden


I want to learn

I want to earn the education of a lifetime

Missing small classrooms

Piss on teachers

They say they care

Really they are only scared

Only scared to loose the large green

Glad to know that makes the difference


Trying not to complain as though I'm thirsty

Thirsty of the taste of a better future

Education is the golden key to my life

Bright and wide eyed as a child on their first Christmas

But instead I'm rejected to only the minimum

Small schools can't aford eagerly willed students

We want to learn

So give in some rope and help us with our long journey


Expressing the confined space of not learning about things that are important to my future. Teachers just don't take the time to help students out anymore, but instead only do the the bare minimum to get them by. 

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