Wavlengths of my mind

I am the girl with the new glance each day

I open my eyes all bright and shiny

The morning shimmers in fresh irises

now blue, now green, then brown again

Have you ever seen someone so transitional?


I am the pretty young thing with the long legs and arms

I walk the earth from so high up that the men down below look like tiny monsters

Feet so big they touch the poles from heel to toe

Reaching up my fingertips mingle in the sunbeams, singeing in the light

Have you ever seen someone to gargantuan?


I am the pearl all cloistered in a clamshell

I peek out meekly from the lips of my prison

I shine mutely from the depths of my despair and shiver in my silence

The light bursts in shafts from the corners of my smile

Have you ever seen someone so hidden?


I am the one who helped that old lady up the stairs

You see me run behind some man with the car keys he's dropped

I sit on the bus with some stranger drooling on my shoulder

No inhibitions hinder my heart from filling in your favor

Have you ever seen someone so selfless?


I am the Queenie with the future made of light

I twiddle my fingers, I sit crosslegged on the precipice of everything

Spreading my wings like the sky is my only friend

The way my days unfold like picture albums makes me want to taste the world

Have you ever seen someone so possible?



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