Me and my Mirror

Tue, 09/30/2014 - 15:25 -- jbd910


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The Future looks at me:

is it Happy?

is it promising?

what is to Be?

So, instead of darting away from the Gaze,

I look straight at It. 

Future, I say, what are You?


where are You?


how are You?


as i sit, mad, not understanding why my Friend won't speak, I think about the Present.


What is Happening?

Why is it Happening?

Why are the Terrible things going on?

Why are the things in which I cannot change Happening?

How are these things Happening, all of the social issues, the environment, politics, the scandals, the deaths, the Fear, the KIlling, the GENocides, the PLAGues, the HATREd, the ABUSE, the INNOCENTS BEING BLAMED, THE POOR UNFORTUNATE SOULS THAT HAVE NO CHANCE AND ARE SUFFERING, WHY OH WHY IS THIS HAPPENING PRESENT? WHY???????......


...........I Smile. 

So is the Future now, not gazing, but grinning.

I understand your sportive puzzle Future, You riddler.




And the others of the world, of course.

Because that Future, is a mirror. 

I look at myself, and say, Thank You.

I know how to fix what is to happen.

I know I can't always fix the present.


I can fix the future.

All i have to do...... begin.

Begin to act. 

Begin to work.

Begin to fix.

Begin to Help.

Begin to pick up.

just Begin.

I see the future as optimistic.

And i see a Bright one, too.



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