Looking into the future.


Looking into the future can consist of great experiences.
Graduating high school, going to college, and working a successful career
You have to start off small by graduating high school.
Graduating from high school will be a huge accomplishment in your life.
Going to college is one of the most challenging things in life.
That is apart of looking into the future.
Business majors, and restaurant management is my intended major.
Looking into the future can also consist if horrible experiences.
Not getting into to the college of choice.
It can be challenging, but don't give up.
Keep trying until you get to your dream school.
Choosing the wrong major?
Don't worry you can change your major as many times as you want.
Looking into the future is full of wonderful things.
Remember to start off small so you can make your future the greatest thing in your life.




This poem was written to let seniors in high school know that the future has a lot in store for them. In order to get there, you have to graduate from high school first to get to college.

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