I too am a dreamer

Sun, 04/01/2018 - 18:59 -- Ronsard

Its been long night for my heartA long day for my soulIts burning desire to know what can’t be seenA mooring breeze with the sense of the fruitful cherry blossom  Oh its beautiful, the savory flowers of spring and its sense of eternal youthfulness  How i long for a day when day turn night and hate turn loveWhen the dark sky turn into a blooming spring of light When the anguish of the summer bring into blossom the dreams of the spring  When the people of the slum can savor the blossoming light of thespring  The day when the sheep of the day can turn into a mighty lion of the night  When love can overcome the daily hate of the day and bring the flourishing cherry blossom of hope  

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Our world
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