Something Entirely New

To a future where I may find peace

one lacking of counterfeit smiles replaced by the joys

of finally embracing one's true self

where wandering eyes no longer linger

because they too are in harmony

I can only pray you exist


To a future where I may find love

one marked not by the cherry coated letters

of the misconception so many believe

where instead love is measured by compromise

because maybe that is what it truly is

I can only hope I might find you


To a future where I may find acceptance

one without persisting doubt and the failure

of never reaching one's true potential

where chins are lifted high with pride

because they've finally found confidence

I can only plead that I listen to you


To a future where I may find happiness

one where I scale these colossal walls

of my own fear and stupidity

where I finally reach the other side

because maybe this is who I truly am

I will someday create you

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Just saw this poem appear when I opened power poetry, and I have to say I really love this poem. It is structured enough that there is a nice flow, but it doesn't seem to ridged or repetitive. My only suggestion to you would be about the title. I see that this is part of the "Life in a Letter" scholarship slam, so you might want to change the name to something a little more eye-catching and not so generic. Good luck and happy writing!


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