The Climb

Sat, 05/10/2014 - 18:12 -- 2409056


Education wasted

Through blood, sweat, and tears they tasted

Longed for the things we are handed on a silver platter

And yet we neglect this precious gift as if it didn’t matter

We listen to music about deep pockets and wallets growing fatter

All the while our brains cells are being battered

“Hey batter, batter!”-It’s time to step to the plate

The world is our crystal ball as we gaze upon our fate

The tools are laid out

While we are busy getting laid out

On your hands and knees lately saying that you’re “all prayed out”

But what you must realize is that you must meet him halfway

Two halves make a hole so jump inside to find a brighter day

We like to blame “the man” for “holding us down”

But the only thing holding me down is gravity

And the only man around is his Holy Majesty

We defeat ourselves in our mind

These excuses we try to find

Eyes open to the here and now but to the future we are blind

-Tired- this toy soldier is in desperate need of a wind up

Following the in crowd, I don’t know where I’ll wind up

But it’s time to pick my spin up

The hills, mountains and valleys I will climb up

I’ve made my mind up

Stopped the clocks before my time’s up!


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