Black Fever


United States

America has caught a fever

FIrst it took Oscar

Then it stole Treyvon

Next it was Jordan, then Kendrick then Odin

Following were Raymond, Jonathan then Reinesha

Rodney, Eric, Michael, this fever was taking them out one by one

The Black Fever is what they will call it in history books

America is on a brand new type of witch hunt

and they will not stop until they eradicate the so called

"Black Magic"

Be warned, symptoms of this fever include, bigotry, hot headedness,

becoming old white republican,

and tweeting #PoliceLivesMatter even when brothers and siters lives are taken at the age of eight.

By those very police lives that you need to defend so badly

Oh yes, America has caught a bad fever. 

I can see it. No filter needed. 

Who will catch it next?



This poem is about: 
My country


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