The Fuel of Hope

All I need, is hope; beautiful, bright, brilliant hope, it keeps me alive.

Hope for a future when I can be independent and successful.

When I, not the government, not my parents, but me, I can support my future family.

The ability to dream fuels my drive; without it I would be lost, my shiny new talent wasted and I left hidden under blankets, my brain slowly rusting and rotting.

For what is a car without an engine; what is an engine without gas; what is gas without a destination.

My destination is my hope of finding not only, someone who, with me, strives to be better and will drive me by supporting, loving, and cherishing me- and I them, but also the hope of finding something I love of a rewarding work which will wonderfully encompass my talents.

For children who I can teach of love, empathy, and respect of this beautiful earth, and all its inhabitants, all this without worries of the cost.

My children will not have to worry like I did, about passing up opportunities because they know mommy and daddy stay up late, the kitchen table covered not by food but bills, counting the dollars spent versus the dollars earned and wondering how they are going to make it all work.

They instead will be loved, encouraged, and accepted by their successful mother and father who have worked long and hard to do so.

All I need to stay alive is this hope.

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