The Journey at The University


United States
42° 5' 17.4336" N, 88° 29' 54.5964" W

First day, not so bad
Went to class and went home to tell mom and dad
Weeks went by and things stayed the same
I was starting to feel so empty
I missed high school and my friends
It seemed like all I did was school, work, sleep
I needed to have that college experience
First semester continued on like this
Feeling empty and alone without anywhere else to go
My only escape was my music
Second semester I felt a change
There was no way I was going to let things stay the same
I got involved and stayed on campus more
I also met some great friends and many nights I would stay in their dorm on the floor
My advice to those like me
Let your nervous thoughts go free
Take the actions to get involved
And your college experience will be one you will never forget

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