One Day at a Time


Tiny rivulets are winding down our fleshy canvas;

those tears may abide by the laws of gravity,

but we never were one to follow the rules.

“It’s one day at a time,” We say.

So seasons morph into years,

and years turn into decades.

“Things have changed.”

We think.

We have seen the decades roll by

like waves advancing,

and threatening to ensnare

our feet.

The Beatles break up,

The Watergate Scandal comes to light,

The shooting at Kent State devastates,

and life continues to go on.

As the conflict of Syria’s chemical weapons wages on,

We manage to keep our calm, collected,

And our intellect, handy.

As Mahatma Gandhi believes,

“My life is my message.”

We live by that principle as

neurotransmitters fire across synapses,

as planets orbit in space,

and as blossoms require water.

We have an amount of ambition that may only be expressed

in scientific notation.

We own an amount of passion others salivate after like

Pavlov’s dog.

Ockham’s Razor does not hold interest for us

‘cause why are the simpler choices necessarily the right decision?

We try to listen to the dharma of the Bill of Rights,

despite the difficulties we face

in this big, blue marble we inhabit.

We recognize how gravity will inevitably pull us down.

Remember Pearl Harbor?

Remember 9/11?

Remember Katrina?


we know there will always be moments,

those moments when we are able to finally

stand up once again.

Remember the Declaration of Independence?

Remember the first man on the moon?

Remember the Berlin Wall’s collapse?

According to one famous quote from one unknown author,

“Each day means a new twenty-four hours.

Each day means everything’s possible again.

You live in the moment, you die in the moment.

You live in the light, you die in the light.

You take it all one day at a time.”

It is what we have done for all these years.

We take it one day at a time.



This was inspirational. No joke


Thank you. It is nice to get feedback. By the way, if anyone reads this poem and has any pointers, I am always happy to get some.


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I love this story. I love your tone. I love the lighthearted, "everything's gonna' work out" feel. I love your poem! The depth of this poem is boundless. As I was reading, it seemed as though your words never ceased to dig deeper into what is "life" with extreme precision. I'm curious as to whether this poem came about through careful planning and re-planning or if it "just happened"-- either way, please upload more! :)


Thank you! Normally, I will just write it without a plan and edit it to death. I love your feedback! Thanks again.


Take a peek at a poem I posted called I Cried Today


Love the poem...disappointed you haven't submitted more, because your writing is great! I love the way you tie the past to today, but not as if we're chained to it.

Take a peek at a poem I posted called I Cried Today

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