to the girl i pushed away

to the girl i pushed away,


you and i could’ve been cosmic sky beams

we could’ve been one another’s worlds and more

but life gets to me and the universe in my eyes is not as it seems

what was once us is now a shell lacking its core


i don’t know if there’s any value in me

you disagreed but maybe that’s how you held it together

you cried, you sobbed, you refused to flee

but i helped by severing your tether


if there is love out there

you are the only reason for its existence

i pushed you away because i thought it unfair

that you be chained to me; the only solution was distance


beauty, a foolish word you long outgrew,

was written by a man who knew not

how his word paled in comparison to you

insufficient: every means of describing you, every thought.


one day you will look back and see

through a carefree avatar, your future self,

you will be glad you left me

our memories will lie in a dusty, forgotten photo album on the shelf

 may your wishes be fulfilled without me,b

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