To My Love

Dear my love,

I saw you today, you spoke to me and my universe turned to align with yours.

I turned into the blushing bashful schoolgirl I though I would never be

I spoke to you today, and I felt a connection. One that I never thought I would feel, not in a million years. It was if the strings of our hearts were pulling us together and we couldn't do anything to resist it.

I am your bow ,you hold me in you're soft, tabacco-laced hands that I love so much, you nock an arrow in me and get ready to fire. The tension is building, and you just won't let go. The release I crave so much is the release you deny me of. 

I feel so much passion, and my love, you deny me an escape; a release.

You,my love say tha you are not ready, but i fear that you may never be.The temptress that stole you're heart and broke it likeshattered glass has hidden the pieces among those who roam the earth. In order to come back to me whole you must find your heart and for that I must let you go.

Do not fret my love for this is not the end this is just the beginning of a really long love story.



With All My Love,


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