Cardiac Arrest

If rebirth was an option, or reincarnation a possibility... I would be scared to be a human again.

Though humans are beautiful: we think, we love, we invent, we adapt; we are also full of greed and we are lustful beings and we've been witness to the injustices this human race has brought upon innocent things.

I've seen mechanical jaws, the pets of humans, clutch young saplings in the ground, splitting them in two, making room for wider asphalt of an IH35.

The screams of a whitetail who's striding bounds and swift leaps were not swift enough on an unlit street and it fell to the side, still halfway alive and it died while the kids were all fine in their sleep in their parents SUV.

I've seen deserts of trash and oceans of junk and gardens of waste and animals thirsting for taste of a next next meal while Coke bottle caps and Walmart sacks collect in their tracts, and our humanistic excess will not bend because we can and we will always, always make more than we can consume

...and I'm scared.

One day our wheezing earth will succumb to the stabs and the bombs and the claws of our human machines, and it will choke on our poisons and clog with the dust of exhaust of millions of Ford Focus's and Chevy Tahoes on their 5 o'clock commute, and when the Earth’s last rose's dried velvet petal falls, and the only drop of Norwegian spring water sizzles and steams up in the too hot sun, we will understand what we've done.

On my mind is that I'm scared of the future;

I'm scared of how my future son and daughter may not experience the same view I’ve had from their window seat, they won't breathe a breath of clean air, won't behold a fierce black-orange tiger or sturdy rhino in the flesh, or explore a natural scene, whole and untouched in natural beauty, but in person not behind an iPad screen.

On my mind is that a slippery stormy slope is ahead, and the public knows all too well, but as we descend, we depend on expelling promises high and proud of cars using electric outlets and shopping bags in reusable fabrics, but we're already inhaling our last clean breathes from a planet in cardiac arrest.


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