Worries of a High School Senior

My last year, I made it or so I thought
Statistics say college is the only way
But what if I can’t afford it
I probably won’t get any
I mean I’m smart, but there’s always someone smarter
And they’ll probably get them
Caps and gowns are expensive
Well to me they are
They won’t let me graduate without buying a new one
So that cancels out hand me downs that look the exact same
And my mom’s best friend’s brother’s cousin’s hand sown one
I’ve tried, filled out plenty of job applications
I guess people don’t want a high school student
Maybe they think I’m under qualified to handle drive-thru orders
Or maybe its because our economy is so bad that adults have to settle for the same jobs I’m applying for
It would be nice to have some pocket change
Help my mom with some of the bills
It would take a load off her shoulders
And I would be able to pay for stuff I need for school
Is it a good thing to be a senior?
Stress of paying for stuff with money you don’t have
I have to pay senior fees, really?
I thought it was paid for with my hard work and dedication for so many years
What happened to a free education?
I guess free is overrated and outdated
I mean some gave up and some went on a detour
But I’m still in the game
Ha sorry, this isn’t a game, but a journey
I wonder how far will I actually get into it.


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