What is my purpose in this world?

To take up space,

to be a filler in an empty place.

The idea of existence has always been confusing,

Am I here to succeed?

Or will I end up losing?

But to me there has always been something ahead.

I'm trying to reach my goals,

proving ambition isn't dead.

So far I am pleased with what i have done.

My life is not easy,

but I believe I have won.

There was a time when I was like all the rest.

but i realized I can't dwell on the past,

it will just leave an empty space in my chest.

So I travel on through every difficult day.

Knowing that happiness is never to far away.

What is my purpose in this world?

I may not know yet.

But I'm sure I'll find out,

the farther I get.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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