Behind the veil, a fast embrace;

Self and Subconscious morph the face

Of a girl born swathed in fictitious lace.

Falsity is her escape.


Outside she’s substantial, tenacious, and true;

Alexander in greatness, she warps finite view

Of others who won’t see, can’t gaze through to wall rue.

Silhouette masquerades sincere shape.


Self-doubt is enslaved to keen-edged Serpent,

The powerful mastery of Eagle is verdant,

But Scarecrow and Lion and Tinman, insurgent

Still hide, trounced by the drape.


Someday the guardian caress will fall,

Brought down by Joshua who heard the call.

The conqueror, redeemer of mind will know all.

There is one who’ll dethrone the cape.

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