O, Let it Be

Wed, 05/11/2016 - 14:21 -- ahxra

O I swear to you I was never like this

So cock-a-hoop and loopy-lou;

The lady who smiles to herself knowingly.

This isn't who I was

But oh how I loved to be 

Dosed up, drugged up

In love with nobody but you.

Let it always be, just you.


Never have I seen a creature as beautiful as you

With the wind through your hair

And the galaxies in your eyes.

A mere smile of yours has enough power

To fill my little heart up with gasoline

And set it alight and explode

Into a thousand and one white carnations.

I find myself whispering your name

As if it were my only prayer

Repeating, repeating sans cesse,  in hopes that

You'll always be there for me.

Let it never be, just me.


For I was the girl who spat at 'love'

Bit it and choked on its repulsive sweetness

That so many before had fed to me on a silver platter.

'Get it away,' I would say

'And be gone with your mouthful of forevers.

There is no such thing as true loves

There are only of fools and liars'.


Yet here I am.

Let it not have made me into one of those, crazy girls.


You and I know the ones. 

Whom speak of love as if it were made from

Crystal Glass

Which would shatter if He would

Declares it to be 


Let it not be, for us. 


O but here I am, and I swear to you

I look for you in everyone I meet.


Look, look at the girl who talks

Of sweet, sweet love and forevers.

Seeing nothing but He.

He, who has promised her

The wedding, the honeymoon and the cottage by the sea.

O, let it be us.



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