I Still

It has been a few years since I’ve last talked to you.

You’ve slipped my mind as I lived and grew.

I write to you this poem of mine.

I hope that it’ll make it to you just fine.


I still watch cartoons until the sunrise

And later think that it wasn’t very wise.

I still eat uncooked chocolate cookie dough

Even though Mama always says no.


I still make terrible paper planes,

And jump in puddles and dance in rain.

I still spread my wings in the cold white snow,

And watch animal clouds pass by slow.


I wish you were here to experience life with me.

I would cuddle you for an hour or three.


You didn’t see big sister’s graduation day,

And you weren’t there when I went on my first date in May.

You missed the moment when I first drove the car,

That day was quite scary and bizarre.


I’ve grown a couple inches here and there,

But I’m still the same little girl. I swear.

My eyes are heavier, and my mind still strays,

But that’s just part of growing up these days.


Not much has changed since you left home.

I remember the days when you would often roam.

Your soft white paws echoing down the hall.

Those were the times when you looked so small.


You always use to sleep in my bed,

And tear up the furniture into shreds.

My clothes were always covered in fur.

I miss your kisses and low purrs.


God took you from home way too soon.

Left us listening to sad tunes.

It has been many years since you left. About seven.

I hope everything is perfect in heaven.


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