Fairwell to Thee, Daugher Mine

Once Upon A Time...

Forget us now each time we sleep,

An endless curse amongst us creeps,

You alone should break the spell

return us to from which we fell


A babe in arms, we loved you most

summoned from realms; trees to coast

those with the powers both fierce and wild

to protect with skill our beloved child


Through our domain they made the course

our safety to firmly enforce

and yet our fault, our one mistake

the witch forgotten, havoc did make


The curse, the curse, her wicked spade

torn apart from our beloved babe

for while she may wake and live and weep

for all time we must remain and sleep


Forgive us child, we knew not what she sought

but for you she wished, a life forgot

An endless sleep, no life to live

Our punishment, your life to give


But a mother's love: wholesome, pure

Gave a single choice, so rest assured

You die each day, but in mind alone

Our daughter’s death is not bemoaned


I know you’ll toil, day in and out,

Far from this place, you’ll do without

The horror of a loveless mother

So my gift to you; a fairy godmother


Who’ll love, and cherish, and safely care,

For you my dove, my daughter fair,

While you live and laugh and cry and grow

Far from the mother you’ll never know


For though it pains me, away you'll be

from both this wicked fairy and from me

for you she'll search and try to find

but in this realm she'll be confined


This time shall pass, my mind unclear

until you reach your sixteenth year

I'll live without you, an unknown ache,

until this malicious curse you'll break


For while my memory will twist and break,

your training and strength do not forsake

for your duty is and shall remain

to kill the woman, our kingdom's bane


For while we live, our realm she'll rule

her the queen, and I the fool

A monstrous terror she will be

until the day you set us free


My grown up child, never seen before

my baby girl, I will hold once more

and there we'll be, as if time had froze

my daughter forever, my Briar Rose


This poem is about: 
My family


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