Take a Glance

A glance into the future is what we all hope to see.

What lies in that moment will essentially drive who we will be!

What do we hope to accomplish is a challenge in itself?

Do we want to be happy or just divulge in the wealth?

Helping someone is all that I strive to do…

Even when people don’t realize it or have a single clue.

Putting smiles on people’s faces is the best prize of all,

Regardless of if I fail, at least they don’t fall.

Pediatrics is what I see through the thin little hole.

It’s what fills my pride in every single bowl.

A long journey it will take, roughly 11 years they say.

But with the determination I have there’s no doubt on any day.

Sciences and math’s are what I need in this journey.

However, with good grades and drive I’ll get them before I’m thirty.

The task at hand will help me make it to the top,

So I can grasp all hands, helping each one without a single stop.


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