Waiting for Midnight

It’s midnight now

I’m holding your hand on a porch that hasn’t been built yet.

Standing by a tree not yet grown

I know someday is coming


But it’s midnight now

I hear crickets chirping among the dew

I can feel the cool breeze curling itself up against my shoulder to sleep.

The cold damp grass softly cushions the earth where my feet fall upon it.

And I am holding your hand at midnight

A midnight where a moth flies around a small gas-lit lamp on a railing

As if it is waiting for something to happen

Waiting for us to happen

A midnight where tiny frogs peep from a distant pond

And your breath almost leaves steam in the air like a dragon.

Like the breeze in my hair

I waited for this you see

Waited for your breath on my cheek

The taiga of my cheek bones

Every midnight it took to meet you

To love you

Or maybe I was always meant to love you

And maybe I have always loved you

And every other midnight before this

Was merely an old phase of a new moon.

But on this midnight we are rocking in a bench we built together

The flame of the lamp flashes shadows on the western wall of our house

And I know I am happy

I know I am happy because you are here

Because you are here and I am happy

And maybe the midnight we meet is still waiting for a sun to set

Or maybe it’s sun has already risen

And the moon is watching us both


Hoping we notice her soon.

Because although I know it’s cliche

And although I know it’s childish

I do believe in love

And I do believe you’re out there

Waiting for me.

Waiting for my smile

Waiting for my hands

Or my laugh in the dark

Under the stars

And I hope that I will find you


And I know that only time will tell

But he is such a secretive old sailor

Floating in the sea at midnight

Desperately looking to find his way home

Just as lost as I am

And maybe just as lost as you

But when midnight comes

I will be your lighthouse

And you will be my northern star

And together

We will always be enough.

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Nathan3259 how are you?

This is amazing, I absolutely love this poem, keep up the good work


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