```From all of me @CLOUDNINE``` Wishing...

_The future is born engrave the past in coffin_
Dark old year just pasted away here, the light of a new
year day
As 2020 added one, (2021) all our lives endeavor did increases in every arena of our
*Whatever too difficult to touched, reached, achieved or earned in the previous old year* . All shall be effortlessly Proffered and bestowed thy by the grace of the new year.
*longer sorrow, lack, destitution, all the ways to evil ceased. But Road to promotional glory, achievement, upliftment, divine promotions, break-free, abounding blessings, grace* _divine favor and an all thy desirous desires shall be added._
_we recovered the golden lose of past years. Everythang we laying hands upon shall excel, no plague shall locate thy home_ . For the new year is our testimony

*Compliment of the season*

_Happy New Year._


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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