Dear Future Me: Who I Will Be

Dear Future Me,


You have accomplished what you’ve said

you always wanted to do and become.

You were patient, you learned from others,

and you grew from that.


You are open minded and outgoing,

and you always had persistence.

You are finding and learning about yourself,

And your personality is shining onto others.

You always kept going and pushing,

even though there were so many distractions and things

that tried to keep you from being the best you can be.


You worked hard.

You worked hard even when you’re parents ignored that

you were trying to do the best for yourself.


You have achieved majority of your goals

and have traveled to places you wouldn’t have even

thought of going to.

You are no longer depressed nor insecure about yourself,

and you are living the best positive life that you can.


You have made it. You are living your dream of being an impactful leader and role model for others. You have self love and happiness, and you have love for others as well. You are most of all, an inspiration.


I wish for more love and happiness for you as you continue to learn and grow.




Melinda Bolouvi


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