Fated Futures


All different in color, size, and shape

Unique as each grain of sand

that withstands the melting of heat and pressure

 To create the beauty that is a stain glass being held by walls that stand

Tall with the pride of ages and days left behind

But held true to the hopes we keep in our hearts and in our minds

We open our eyes our windows

And head in the direction the wind blows

Fearful, hopeful in writing the great stories of our future to come

 With the ink of days past adorned with ambitions and wisdom

Hold firm and dive right in they say

But the cautionary tales told still drum in our ears like the banging of loud drums

Allowing only the hard heavy beat to be heard until we’ve grown compltetely numb

And the warnings and the lessons will never be enough

Because we will fall and stumble and bruise and cry

But the reasons as to why, and the timing that’s been placed

Will always manage to bring us back to that familiar place

 those pains and that anguish, the horrors inside

Are like vaccines injected into our veins

They cause minor pain at the piercing point

But defend us from the causalities that lie ahead

 Being true to ourselves and never losing faith

For mistrust will pour down and drench us in puddle of uncertainty

But the sun will always soon after arrive with the display of lights from all sides of the spectrum

From radiant courageous yellows

To the soft compassions of pink

Our characters will grow like the bright sunflowers of spring

Bending in the direction the sun shown

But never bending to the judgments and criticisms of other

Rather standing tall and prideful in the wondrous blossoms those once small buds have become

Like a speeding race track

our parents words will race around our heads

keeping us on the track rather than crashing in life ahead

those small few steps we once took

have turned into the endless flight of stairs we will forever be climbing

for the journey may be long

and tough like the great wall of china

but our accomplishments will one day be seen from the stars 


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