Cave of Preference

I stand in front of a cave as darkness covers its mouth

In the emptiness there is a feeling of relief

The cooled dark path in front of me and behind is light fulfilled  


When I look at the light, I can feel the pressure of heat 

Although it isn't on be me as I look upon it I can feel it coming  

One side of me is crushed by the suns light 

I feel its energy on me feeling exerted and aching wanting change  


Now my eyes glare onto the cave and it is dark and quiet  

As I stand  there I feel alone and cut off from the world 

I feel a sense of fright,  

fright of the unknown  


The dark is a kind of shield from the arrows above  

To hide and protect what it is covering 

It doesn't expand itself across the stars 

It exist where light does not 


I imagine that if I walk further in the cave it will be harder to breathe

And I will get lost,

Lost not because I don't know where I am but where I want to be 






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