When I catch your sight  

there's more to me than meets my height. 

It truly is what I've become 

that my parents always feared would come, 

And now that it's time for them to see 

they look away and close their eyes. 

I've always just wanted to be free, 

to stop hiding in my families' lies. 


My parents may say I'm a runaway 

but I'm really not anything they say. 

They had their power, and it was misused 

In every way I was abused. 

So I decided to find a better place 

somewhere to express my own identity 

away from suffering and disgrace. 

I can finally exercise my integrity. 


There are things in life we all need 

that are often compromised from other's greed. 

To be told in all sincerity, 

that I could be loved for being me; 

nothing I ever did was  good enough. 

I still remember being called a whore. 

My kind heart had to grow to be so tough 

for it was the only way I could ever win this war. 


But now the war has been won, 

I stand here today like the sun. 

There is no filter becoming of my presence, 

I am everything of my own essence. 

I do everything I can for my education, 

I have a somewhat strange sense of fashion 

I love to dance in the precipitation, 

and most of all writing is my passion.



Cameron Banegas

I love this so much.

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