Big changes.


If i had the power to change a thing- no matter how big or small what would it be? it would be nothing at all.

How would we know what love is if we havent experienced the hate?

How would we know what we really have if its always been had

How would we feel that beautiful pain of loss

What would acceptance taste like if we havent tasted the loneliness

What would a first kiss be like if  we never have had to let go

what is that sound of silence

where can our minds drift to if we've never been hurt

where can we runaway to if we've never had enough

where does the road end

when is it time to shine if its always been dark

when do we come out if we have always been taught to hide

when would we appreciate a smile

why would we give it our all if its been always enough

why would a cry make us stop if we've never appreciated the laughter

why would our paths be so different

i would change nothing at all.





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