The Magic Feeling of Light

Golden light spills out of the sky 

and into our laps

Our laughter rings 

into the warm air

My body glows and radiates

as I feel shrieks of glee

bursting from inside my throat 

And I see smiling eyes 

looking back at me 

Delicious ice-cold coffee 

touches my lips 

and sinks into my stomach 

Everything begins to turn into 

a soft pink hue 

and it feels just a bit like magic

Conversations topics turn over

blending into one another seamlessly 

And we drift into our jitters 

for the future and its uncertainty 

I feel safe here bathing in the sunset though

and while the future is radiant 

it is still an unfamiliar and intimidating place 

I can’t help but find myself content here

I can only hope that there will be 

more sunsets to admire

and warm air to harass our skin

and more giggles to vibrate around our heads 

It will have these things

and hopefully, some new things too


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