_Her love to me is like moon light, on a starry night._
*As rising sun at dhawn.* *Like vine planted on his heart's yard.* _which he ought to water to flowery_ _And fruitage._
*his love for her is as deep as the dept of an ocean,* _with the fishes abiding therein,_ _as stars, moon,_ *and the sun adhered to the sky,* *it never*
*departed away from her* *side.*

_his love to her can simply easily be compared to_ _GOD's towards mankind._

*So he confessed and rendered his heart to her.* _Like a teeming downpour upon earthen soften, it surface._
*so her love compassed his heart comforting,* _like pabulum to mind._

*As light rays to eye sight.* *His love for her is reality only can be told in* *tale of their love story,*

_gory to glory._ _He so_
*Much love her and*
*really ready,*

_in for her, fell in the water._
*Lost and found with her for ever.* _He wish he could wash her feet wilt the waters of his soul, cleansing her heart._

*because he see her heart compatible to his.*

_Remembered old days of midnight calls, they never used to give sleep to their eyes._ *While talk through night, dusk till dawn,*

_Remembered promises and all the pain they both had gone through heaven and hell._

*Never forgot the only first day he felt the fullness of her breasts,* _how sooth her heart. Tongue on tongue, mouthy pleasure._

*His hands on her curves. Briskly remembered she* _told him that after her_
*momma he be next to her.*

_She call him dad he call her Mami._ *Before she demised his mama used to asked about his lady. His homies do too.*
_His young blood can't either forget her memories,_
*last night he was asked about her, oh sweetness*
_is all about thee._ _Can't forget_
*her, _he always craves_ her. All he ever wanted and desires are all found in her, his boo.* _He truly loves her because he knew she'd make a good mother,_

*Hope she'd understand if he change sometimes just only because he never own everythang as his.* _So remember he always told her_
*that he will always be there for her as time,*
_even in the world after here._ _Her love is so good to him_

*She has the key to his heart.*
_reminisce she told him she'd_

_rather die for him than sleeping at someone else side._
*She's his inspiration like a transportation, his motivation only she can help build his cloud nation.* _His aspiration_
*all is found in her,* _all in ONE no one else but she._

*She source the past time joy and still the reason* _for today's and the hope_
*of tomorrow's glee.*

*Sacrifice his love for her because he believes in future with her, she's his destiny his fate mate his ruth, his batsheba,*
_His mary, his eve and soulmate._

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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