Honestly, where im from success doesnt come around commonly

You're successful if you survive a lifetime in my shoes

Successful if you're not related to violence and are broadcasted on the news

Sucessful if you find a friend whos bond will make solid, liquid and gas molecules jealous

When you don't feel the agony of hunger like a size 12 timberland stomping your pelvis

Your soul is rich but it cant financially cover your success

And the fact that others have foundations made that you worked to get covers your progress

Seeing the struggle everyday will manipulate your mind in a terrible way

But hey you need to make it somehow right? what more can I say

At once I thought proving my own individual success could never break my spirit or ruin me

But now I realize I need to become successful for my community

Sounds cliche but its honestly me just speakin modestly 

Because honestly I promise i'm a make a change and there absolutely is no stopping me.

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