Wed, 06/25/2014 - 15:04 -- Pursia

A Guy stands in the mirror,
Wondering if his reflection really him,
Regardless of the pain he delt with for years,
He sits in the room eyes full of tears,
Constinley asking God why he ain't get delt a good deal,
Wondering if life is worth to get a feel,
Or if he's even worthy to be in here,
Not to mention he not even suppose to be here,
Because abortion was always an option,
And the thing that rupture his presents is not good as a father,
Even thou he may walks with a smile,
His souls cry inside from the fear of him begin intwined,
He's a good Guy trying to stay from the bad,
And the best part about him is still kinda sad,
He's a gentleman regardless of his wrong,
He's polite, 
Even when he's gone,
His present stays in the air,
To keep rooms cool and calm,
He's the man of one ladies dream,
That they both wished upon,
Think they deserve each other,
Because they both knew what they want,
This is not no song,
But my soul speaking out of tunge,
Now I might be wrong,
But when my gut speaks with my mind I'm rarely wrong,
The good things always seem to leave him all alone, 
But this time he don't know she here for him right or wrong,
His struggles,
She also made her own,
And the hard times,
They stay close,
No matter what she was always there,
Even when they're mad at one another,
She's still there,
He sometimes think that she don't care,
But in the long run he would know,
If she didn't she wouldn't stayed for years,
Her voice he loves,
And her touch he craves,
But when the arguments get mad she still there to stay,
He constintley push her away,
Because he don't want to get hurt by the same previous way,
He loves her dearly,
But he don't think she knows,
The full extent,
That his loving goes, 
The love he shared,
I hope they soul,
Because they love each other so I was told.
This is nothing but my soul speaking out of turn.


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