Dear Future

Dear Future, 

My kidnapper, you sicken me! 

Hiding me in a room called my conscious

All I see is darkness. 

All I’ve ever seen is darkness. 

I can feel the cold metal handcuffs of my limitations, my expectations and my labels, around my wrists. 

The polyester blindfold of people who have darkened my view, rubbing against my skin. 

The tight ropes of anticipation for what’s more to come, binding me to the chair... 

As I struggle! 

Tick - tock 

Tick - tock 

Is it a clock? 

Or a methaphor of my life? 

Passing by... 

Spalt! Splat! 

Are those the blood droplets from the wounds my decisions have made? 

Ha Ha! 

From the opportunities I’ve let slip by me? 

I fear all my darkest insecurities. 

I fear, and that’s all I’ll ever do. 

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