Dear Me

I know life can be uneasy. 
It's not what it's always deemed to be, 
But you know that it can be, see, 
Your parents taught you all that you know, 
You see, 
You never really ceased to grow, 
And now, you see, 
That you want to grow more, impatiently, 
You want to graduate, go to college, make history, 
But you are nothing but sixteen, 
Nothing but a teen, 
So you're options for making an impact on the world 
Are almost unseen. 
You may have the grades, the finance, and the work, 
But you don't really have the support. 
What you want to do, 
Is affected by society, 
How could you chase your dream, 
When you mention it and people laugh maniacally. 
That's why you have to keep on going, 
Continue doing great. 
Follow those footsteps you've set out for yourself, 
Even if you do have to wait. 
Don't mind anybody else's business, 
After all, they mind theirs. 
Even if you lose one or two friends, 
There'll be a time when they come back better by the pairs. 
Support yourself,  
In a word that's unsupportive. 
Set yourself up for success,  
and be your own motive.


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