Ripping as it seems

The smile you see is uniform

Underneath lies pain & anguish

Fears of tomorrow

Yesterday's sorrow


Path seems forever unknown

Feelings frozen like stone

A painted picture of happiness

With drops of rain


Not a reason to live

But to hold true

To the creator of life

Sins holding the knife


Like opening your eyes in chlorine

The sadness stings

A moment of relief it brings

Then left with a dream


Every day a new challenge

A new memory

A new loss

Sometimes you just manage


A new line

A moment in time

Imperfection if that's what you say

No need to rhyme


Drifting away from reality

Lost in another time

Visions of the end

Plague my mind


Nothing a fortune cookie could tell

Although I knew it very well

Life is short and bittersweet

To another life, we retreat

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