I Am Here

I am here,

where are you? 

Do you remember the times of fear?

Do you look back into our years? 

When the torment brought me to tears?

Can you still feel the pain you caused me, 

when you and your "friends"

used to taunt me?

Now look at me and 

back at you.

Where are we?

I am here,

with you right there,

and who is the one needing my help? 

Remember our days, 

so long ago? 

I hope you do, 

and the guilt that comes too.

But we are here, 

ever so near.

To surpress those feelings, 

do you understand?

I reject those memories, 

if only to bring you peace. 

I will help you here and now,

but years from now,

you will remember. 

The bullied boy, 

from our days,

who grew to be stronger

than you ever were, 

lifting your weights,

impressing the cheerleaders, on their stands.

Here is the boy, 

who you knew, 

looking at you with the depths of his eyes. 

Your family has suffered, 

and I am here,

I hold the power to end that fear. 

Remember my fear,

from ages ago? 

Looking back, 

it hasn't been long, 

since yesterday,

it seemed,

you had me cornered. 

But, in the end, 

of all our years,

you are there, and I?

I am here. 


Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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