Aspire to Inspire


What is a life? Measured in the days, milestones? We rent the time on this earth, so we measure in love.
After death a life only continues in memories. You will be forgotten if you are “idle”.
Anyone can impart knowledge, teach a lesson, and guide someone
Uplifting words of empowerment even if little time spent.
The smallest gesture can be the sweetest thing ever known.
Nothing is given, but earned.
The world cannot change if we all stay the same with our heads hanging down
What you received shall one day be returned
In a lifetime there are twists and turn right side upside downs
Through it all the rise and fall
The lost can all be found
Little privacy there is always someone watching
Adolescent eyes, some hidden in disguise
Looking up to you for a signal on what to do
A life means nothing if it didn’t change another’s life
For that inspiration is eternal
Inspiring one can save a thousand
For present and generations to come
To be met with your desire, aspire to inspire
And tomorrow will be a brighter day.

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