Staring Contest

Tue, 02/12/2019 - 21:24 -- Jayroam

I challenged my future to a staring contest

My eyes bore holes into the dark unknown

The balance of time has caused my unrest

So I gaze at the void until my will runs low.

Time will tell when I give up the game

Eyes bleed rivers, know they'll call me insane

But I stand unmoved, I refuse to be used

Daring my future to make the first move.


I'm stubborn, I push away the thoughts of slumber

Keep my eyes wide open and my angles covered

I can't afford blunders, the ship goes asunder

Can't miss the lightning, I'm ready for thunder.

I'm rooted in unsteadiness, poolin' in the crevices

With blood, so much of it, it's borderin' on decadence.

With sentences, words, I'll make the void bow to me

The odder me will make the even one look cowardly

I took my inhibitions and I tossed them off the balcony

I cauterized the cuts inside, I'm callin' in the calvary.


Said I'm going psycho, they should send me to the ward,

'Cause I'm battling my future with a steely-eyed sword

Power's out, shut the coward's mouth, 'cause I just ripped the cord

Now it's me who's determinin' the steps I'm taking forward

That's the writing on the wall, used my very own ink

Now my very own thoughts and the future in sync

On the bridge between my past and my future, I'm on the brink

Only one victor here, and God knows I don't blink.

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