Sadness is inevitable
Getting over it is incredible
With so many emotions coursing through my veins
It's hard to believe that I still have a myriad of things to gain

No matter how bad it may seem
I find relief in the form of a dream
I imagine a world with endless possibilities
And a life without the pains of reality

I envision the future
And how there are so many things that have yet to be done
So many places that have yet to be seen
So many people that I have yet to meet

I find comfort in the possibilities of the things that can transpire
I marvel at the thought of being someone who can inspire
I imagine who I will grow up to be
And I realize that the choice is completely up to me

The present does not define who I am
The decisions that I make drive the future and mold who I become
I won't let the darkness consume me
I vowed that one day I would break free

So why wait for things to change?
I'll take everything into my own hands, even if it's a pain
Happiness is a state of mind
And I'm ready to make it mine

So I lift my head up and wipe my tears
With determination in my eyes, I fight my fears.

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