Dreams controlled by greed

"I have a dream" a wise man once said,

where everyone is created equal

But how is it that dreams could come

with a price tag that's deceitful?

They tell you growing up to always "shoot for the stars"

But what is there to shoot with if the arrows are not ours?

They tell you education will brighten what you make,

But the lightbulbs are all shortly lit because the lack of money made them break.

With dollar signs controlling everything you see,

Its not difficult to understand how they darkned sparkling dreams.

It seems to me this universe is full of filthy greens,

and most dreams get crushed by the cart of filthy greed.

But like that wise man did, he fought for that said dream

Society was changed and with it came equality.

Arrows were provided for those who chased the stars,

And dreams no longer were controlled by greed, but by strong hearts.

My future is not defined by cash or dollar signs,

Its defined by hope and a light bulb that still shines.




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