Is this what you wanted?

When I was younger I would always complain how I wanted to be an adult

In result I realized that was the last thing I wanted to do

For me and for you

Why you

I was defiant and wanted things my way and I hurt you

I was one of the kids who could not get a clue

When to calm down

When to embrace life

When to stay a kid when I needed to


Is where I’ll be going now

And it’s not as easy as it sounds

The things I wanted back then

Now I will not allow

For myself to put others down

I wasn’t a bully to others

I was a bully to my grandma and my mother

Even now I’m nervous to write a paper

AKA the stapler that would help me with my financial need

So please accept my apology

Mother please forgive me

I am getting better can’t you see

I am better than I was

Was better I will be

The last thing I want to say to the old me

The adult life isn’t what it seems


This poem is about: 
My family


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