Mad World Remix (high school- Freshmen in college)

Its a mad world, with bad girls,
but are they bad, or is that the mind of a perv
Who think they deserve to say the most absurd words to their love birds,
Wheres the respect, the 90's eras off the shit

Smoked since I was in the of grade six, at 12 forgot the virgin sex,  cuz I was too drunk at party with this bitch, my friends help me with a condom on, I'm a dumbass, to think i was ready for sex.

Then it was highschool, shit was all cool, till the reefer party came introduce me to the white girl
Started with a half
ended with O, at the end of all that
my life went from fast to slow
from fucking dimes to hoes,
my life took a turnaround,
had to get off the snow

By the time I hit twenty, I stuck with my trees,
but the college sluts liked when I got  hippy, so I tried LSD,
3-4 tabs for 4 weeks,
I fryed my brain so much, even ketchup couldn't cool me.

But you think the kids is bad, Globalization

Its a work of art to bring the world to one nation,
from the plastic of our waste, to the fashion of our taste,
pussy n money will reign for eternity,
N Unity, fuck the unity
I want my culture and ancestors to live on to see my grandbabies :/

Ignite equality, stop with commodities
let the women speak without the thought of monogamy

All these deceivers, God non-believers,
have you to think that were all underachievers,
but the problem with that, is that the 90’s eras back to

put ur politics in the ground, best you bring a preacher

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Our world
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