Doctors Abroad: For the Selfless Cause

Tue, 04/08/2014 - 22:18 -- Fas127

The doors open slowly, 

Too hard to close so easily.

Don't look back, move forward.


Let's go then, to a landscape 

Ravaged by the pain of innocents:

children's dirty faces

unclothed, frigid, and unmoving.

The old weary face of age:

Blank canvases of survival of the fittest.


Away from a land that is forgotten by those

living in splendor,

Filthy rich, with no struggle.


Let's go on then, pusuing

Changes to affect a lifetime. 

By individuals who have a future 

looking ahead of them

Towards the needy, the helpless.


Only way to get there is by education.

Medical kits handy, hearts open for sympathy,

Bunch of pieces of paper named "Degrees"

What's it worth, until you see?


Step closer into the jungle,

Only way to experience it is 

Follow the fake images of reality.

Society tells you its impossible

Too many faces never attempt to try


Let's run then,

Towards a life of charity

Using your own life to save others.

Too close, Too close for comfort they say,

Too far, Too far, away from home and naivety.


Lets grab our hands then, make 

A Circle of Life.

Lets grab our tools,

Like Cavemen trying to build fire for the first time.

Lets open the doors,

However thick they are.

Lets move on then.


There's more to life,

than jewels, money, paper that scream 'attributes'.

You hear the word 'Doctor'

No one told you it didn't have to be superficial.







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