Cry for help- confession

Thu, 10/29/2015 - 13:26 -- kpfann

I needed to tell you in person
that you my good lad have lost the game
I tried very hard to make you understand
but even tips and tricks have failed your hand
all you ever do is loose
So im sorry to inform you, It's game over

I love my job, all I do is yell out "Game Over"
I feel much stronger then the average person
I get joy from watching the boys loose
they put in quarters just to play the game
I watch them ball up their fists and bruise their hands
the boys shout and yell they don't understand

My boss though he understands
that even when I say game over
you can easily twist my hand
even if you think you're an average person
Anyone can learn to win the game
But if you get naive it's certain you'll loose

I will never loose
unlike the boys I do understand
I'll always win the game
I will never see the "game over"
I am not an average person
I have gotten the upper hand

Ill tell this to crowds and they raise their hand
I give the definition "to loose"
over and over again one person
can't explain these mechanisms, they just don't understand
I can't give examples of the game overs
It's too long gone, their different now, the games

I wish I still worked with the games
I hate that my hands
aren't in use, rings of sadness overrun, no game over
I'm proud to say I still never loose
I don't even understand
how my life can just sink from one person

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