Incandescent Tenacity

At times I wonder

Where I'm headed in this world.


Where is my place?


In an office, the monotony of keyboards?

In a bus, a vagrant of burnt-out success?


Or among the stars above me,

in the splendid stream of stardust

so far away.


How easy it is to get lost in them.

Lost in dreams,

Lost in 'if' and

What may ever or never be.


Yet we're stuck in the Past.

What could have been.

Would have.

Could have. 

Should have.


The perpetuation of the Past 

prevents the progress of the Present.


Like chains, restraining and taming, 

Pulling us back and back,

Smothering the stars in inky darkness.


So this is to those bound by chains.

To those stuck in the purgatorio of the Past.

To those withering in faith and will.


You dreamers without dreams,

You hopeless romantics,

You despairing optimists,


Look to the stars and find your place.

Look up and not down.

Look forward and not back.


Before the night sky goes black.

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Our world
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