Southern Girl

Mon, 12/05/2016 - 18:56 -- Emmy316

A Southern Girl I dreamt of painting

Who upon her canvas, had a high reaching colorful outlook of her future

But what an ordeal she faced,

As all girls within cultural confines,


Her Rites of passage decided,

As her very being is severely gutted, her culture goes hunting a suitor

She tried to find an escape route, but O, how impossible it was

Culture SOUGHT, demanding her skin,

A miror of herself, becoming lean and thin,

Painfully she Bled Streams of blood, her innocence flowing uncontrollable,

Biting through her fingers,


Memories DO lingers through her mind of

Many Girls like her, banned from education, termed an abomination

pregnancy became a must, hailed her glorification

A notion of maturity,


Her dream almost a bleak sight, a mirage of sort,

Having her becoming known,

Her town, expectantly awaits her fertility,

Her womb soon protrudes violently her glory … she’s pregnant,

Her shirt could not cover the shame she felt,

As a teacher discovered so same,

Pregnant with a child she is,

Culture may have gotten its wishes,

Her future cut short, thrown into the trash,

She deserves a fighting chance to achieve her dreams,

Why cut short a painted dream,

Of a southern girl.


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